UNC Abolishes the DEI Dept. & Transfers $2.3M to Campus Police


On Monday, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill slashed the funding for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in next year‘s budget. Instead, the money will go to public safety and policing. The University made news recently when frat boys took down a Palestinian flag on campus and put back the US flag.

Someone put a GoFundMe up for their fraternity Pi Kappa Phi, and it was over $500,000 last time I checked.

They weren’t the only students to do this and weren’t the first, but these boys made the news.

The interim chancellor also replaced a Palestinian flag on one flagpole with a US flag, saying only the US flag would fly while he was at UNC.

Now UNC is ditching the DEI department!

The board approved it unanimously and redirected $2.3 million of diversity funding to campus security. Thus, it looks like the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will collapse.

Budget committee vice chair Marty Kotis said law enforcement needs more investment to counteract the demonstrations disrupting the school’s functionality and stability.

They have 30,000 students they have to protect.

The school board plans to vote next week to change the school’s diversity policy.

In March, the University of Florida closed its diversity department, fired all of its DEI staff, and canceled DEI contracts with outside vendors to comply with Florida Board of Governors regulations that banned funding for such programs.

Some elite colleges have also pulled back on DEI since being accused of antisemitism following Hamas’s brutal invasion of Israel on October 7. It took a genocidal attack on Jews to get rid of these Marxist DEI policies.

MIT announced this month that it will no longer require diversity statements when it hires faculty. MIT President Sally Kornbluth made the decision with support from the school Provost and six academic deans.

Her goal is to bring the very best to MIT and make sure they thrive once they’re in the school. She said, “We can build an inclusive environment in many ways, but compelling statements infringe on freedom of expression, and they don’t work.”

Harvard and CalTech will go back to requiring SATs or ACTs for admission. They should have known from the beginning dropping them was a terrible idea. Maybe four years of accepting dummies got to them.

Is sanity starting to return to some of these universities? We’ll see. They look terrible under DEI, and their reputations are seriously damaged.

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