Unelected Gov Hochul Exploits Buffalo to Step Up Gun Control


New York Governor-Dictator Kathy Hochul announced new gun control fiats, exploiting the Buffalo shooting.

“Today, I issued Executive Orders to devote substantial resources and focus toward combating the troubling surge in domestic terrorism by identifying radicalized individuals and tracking their threats amplified on social media, and further empower State Police to keep guns away from dangerous people,” she wrote in a press release.

Any excuse for gun control works. It does nothing about the gangs or the insane who are causing the problem. They just don’t want normal people to have guns.

She also sent a letter urging New York Attorney General Letitia James to investigate the role of social media in the Buffalo shooting. You can really trust Tish to do a bang-up job of weaponizing social media against people who disagree with Democrats.

The Left also wants to control speech.


Hochul’s first executive order establishes a domestic terrorism unit under the state’s Office of Counter Terrorism. It’s really aimed at gun control for normal people.

That sounds dangerous and it redefines the term domestic terrorism. It is happening as Democrats plan to open domestic terrorism offices throughout the nation and get a Disinformation Governance Board off the ground. How is the New York unit going to be used? The government wouldn’t abuse it, would they? Actually, the government has already abused it to claim there is a white supremacist problem.

The killer of ten people in Buffalo is a left-wing mostly maniac who is a white supremacist and a racist. He is not a member of any group or organization. Last year, he wanted to kill his classmates.

Unelected Governor Hochul also wants to go after social media, claiming that is a threat. The killer, Payton Gendron, claimed he was radicalized by the Internet. In fact, he radicalized himself.

This is clearly aimed at white people – unfairly so. One psychopathic white man goes berserk and the rest of us have to be stigmatized? This is done while shootings by black and at least one Asian are ignored. It is happening while black gang youth kill other black gang youth and innocents at horrific rates in our urban areas.

Her other executive order expands New York’s Red Flag Law by requiring state police to seize firearms more aggressively. This too is the slippery slope of gun control.

The Manifesto

It is wrong to ban the manifesto. To expect Americans to rely on the media for the truth is just not going to work. Gendron is all over the place with his ideology, which is mostly left-wing. You can read it here for now and we know it won’t “radicalize” you but it provides the truth. Gendron is basically Brenton Tarrant in New Zealand – not much difference. He’s a psychopath of sorts.

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