University of Maryland Offers a Minor in Anti-Black Racism


The University of Maryland is furthering the divisive race politics taking over our culture with its racist action plan. They have infused the university with an anti-black racism action plan, including a grant to build on the state’s racial equity and social justice legacy. Equity and social justice are Marxist-based Critical Race Theory. Raising one group over another is racist. Critical Race Theory relies on making all whites into racists.

The university’s initiatives:

1) develop faculty-student cross departmental anti-Black racism focused research projects;

2) develop and execute anti-Black racism teach-in workshops for faculty, staff, students, and community members, and

3) present research findings to the wider campus and local community through an annual symposia and networking event.

They are offering a minor in anti-black racism. I guess they can become DEI watchdogs with that useless minor.

“The University of Maryland’s Anti-Black Racism minor is part of the university’s work to address one of society’s grand challenges through research, knowledge sharing, and discussion,” the university shared with Fox News Digital in a statement. “Courses and symposia are still under development.”

Stanford’s all in on the diversity issue as long as there are no white men.

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