Update of State Sen Fann hearing today on Maricopa audit


If you didn’t watch the audit review of Maricopa County today, America’s Voice picked out salient points that were made. It’s unfortunate that so few will cooperate. It could have been completed months ago if they had. Unless, of course, they are hiding something.

Kyle Becker wrote on Twitter: NOW I get why Maricopa County and Biden admin fought tooth and nail to prevent an independent audit. 74,000 absentee ballot mail-in records missing, 25K duplicates, voter rolls a mess, bleed throughs, tens of thousands of ballots on demand, admin passwords issues. A disaster.

We don’t know if that’s accurate, but you can read Becker’s report here and make your own decision. A lot of it is opinion.

Here is a summary from one of the readers:

STUNNING  race decided by 10,457 votes:

3,981 voted despite registered AFTER Oct 15 deadline

11,326 voted who were NOT on rolls on Nov 7 but WERE on Dec 4

18,000 voted and then were removed from rolls AFTER the election

74,243 mail-in ballots w/ NO evidence of ever being sent……………………..yeah the Maricopa county has some questions to answer

“I don’t know why Maricopa County has fought this so hard. It’s their electoral system. I would think they would want to know that everything is operating as it should.”

“roughly 18,000 who voted in the election and then showed as being removed from the voter rolls soon after…There could be a logical explanation…but it seemed like a large number removed.”

“Maricopa Co. is saying ‘we only use four types of paper and they’re all secure’ and we’re saying they’re not…What is the best way to get the documentation to say what the truth really is?”

“This is one of those situations where what they’ve told the public is drastically different than the apparent reality in response to a legal subpoena”

“In cyber security terms, it was breached.” – Cotton explains results of AZ audit

“Not a single bit of data was ever changed on any device that came into our possession.”

“This is not about Trump or overturning the election, this is not about anything other than election integrity. This is the epitome of what America stands for.”

“We felt that it was our obligation and our duty to our voters, our constituents, to answer those questions.”

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2 years ago

We know the 2020 Election was Stolen, but no one is talking about the remedy. What do you do about a Political Party and the people who support that Party when they steal an election, which is a crime worse than Treason. Treason is just a crime against the Government, stealing an Election is a crime against The People!

Super Mario Matrix
Super Mario Matrix
2 years ago

What kind of half assed collapsing infrastructure Big Steal is this?

O/T-Dayam JJ Walker is on Medicare! Oh, Hell NO!
Film Actor’s Guild got some splainin’ to do.