Great Reset Plan by 2030: No Meat-Dairy-Private Cars, Little Clothing & Air Travel


C40 is a network of mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to deliver the World Economic Forum (WEF) plan to confront the grossly exaggerated climate crisis.

Primitive man has car wheels.

Their social engineering plan is an authoritative “vision of climate action that is rooted in equity because we know that climate, social and economic justice can only be achieved together.”

Equity and economic justice are Marxism, aka communism or the collective.

You can go to this map to find the cities worldwide that are C40 cities.

ARUP published a report outlining some of the transformative changes needed across the economy to reduce consumption-based emissions in line with a 1.5oC target. That target is an arbitrary number selected by some of the most extreme scientists in the world.

You can download the report here. We first saw this at The Last Refuge. It’s AOC’s Global Green New Deal. She didn’t think up this insanity. It’s straight out of the World Economic Forum.

These radical leftists want to cut emissions in half by 2030 and 85% by 2050.

This is Nazi-level social engineering. Once they have the power to do this, it will be easy for them to to do anything they want to us.

No meat and no dairy by 2030. That’s why the Netherlands and other countries are eliminating thousands of farms and killing animals used for consumption. Don’t worry, you will get to eat bacteria-laden bugs.

You can buy three pieces of clothing each year.

You can’t own a vehicle privately.

You can trravel for short hauls every three years unless you’re one of the elite.

You have to keep all appliances and electronics for seven years.

If you think they can’t keep track of you, you will soon have government digital IDs, digital government money, weaponized government agencies in cahoots with media, credit cards that only allow you a certain number of carbon credits. Investments will be all based on ESG. All of this is our future unless people wake up fast.


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Wildfire Watcher
Wildfire Watcher
5 months ago

Hot new game in 2030… ‘Let’s catch an elite!’
Find them when they refuel, or shop boutiques, crack em open and see what’s inside…
Oh looky here, a castle, a private jet, a yacht, and a 1000 shares in a weapons manufacturer.
Includes recipe book with great gravy and dipping sauce ideas.

Second hottest game in 2030… Global Winter. The rash of volcanoes spouting off from 2022 to 2030, due to solar cycles and tectonic contraction, spawn the 4th great return of mile high ice across northern lats. Sea drop at equator exposes ancient cities who pragmatically etched tablets warning of just this thing.

Third hottest game in 2030… Smacking sense into a climate change theorist with snowballs.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 months ago


Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago

The one thing I agree with is that laptops, cell phones and such devices should be good for longer than 7 years.

My cell phone is only one year old, it is a 3G which still works in Canada but last June the USA switched to 4G so now my almost brand new cell phone can only send texts, nothing else, no phone calls when I am in the USA.

Making devices with planned obsolescence is wrong, with a planned short life is absurd.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
5 months ago

But no reduction of the number of immigrants and refugees we take in ?

All those people that leave their hell hole of poverty and come here and start consuming like us are not a problem according to the elites who want us to buy only 3 pieces of clothing a year ???

those immigrants or refugees or illegal don t use hot water? don t eat meat? don t buy clothes? don t drive cars?

What about reducing births in Africa, that has the highest rate of population growth? they are not a problem?

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

If you never saw the “Mad Max” movies, they seem prophetic like 1984 and Brave New World. They all portray a post-Biden world. Might want to check out “Soylent Green” too.