‘Voting’ Illegal Immigrant Demands Driver’s Licenses from Officials


At a recent hearing with the House Transportation Committee, a woman in this country illegally said they are voting, and if they aren’t given driver’s licenses, they will vote all the representatives out. If this is the case, this woman and the people she represents are replacing citizens’ voices. Unfortunately, a certain element in our political class has empowered and entitled them.

This week, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee proposed a bill to end racism by taking away the free speech of white people – only white people. Among the list of things that she categorizes as hate speech — deserving of imprisonment in a federal pen — is for a white person to say they are being replaced by foreigners coming illegally.

Foreigners coming illegally are replacing us, and this woman highlights the growing problem.


Susan Payne was a contributor to WCBM, Baltimore, and co-host of the Pat McDonough Radio Show eight years ago.

In 2015, Ms. Payne, a conservative activist, was accidentally included in a phone call with Cecilia Munoz. In the clip, Payne explains that during the call, the people on the call said they planned to have people come into the country illegally and form communities of immigrants. The Obama officials referred to them as “seedlings.”  Eventually, when there are enough of them, they will come out of the shadows and force citizens into the shadows.

In other words, they are replacing us.

They used terms like “country within a country” and claimed that illegal immigrants need to know the benefits they are entitled to.

These seedlings would “navigate,” not “assimilate.” The receiving communities would merge into the immigrant communities. These immigrants would be treated as refugees and given cash, medical care, and credit cards for the necessary documents. States and local governments would need to give them no-interest loans with taxpayer dollars.

We are funding our own destruction.

Any elderly immigrants need to get social security as soon as possible so they can age successfully.

They suggested that DHS and other cabinet offices use their funds to finance this country within a country.

This is what is happening – isn’t it?

Many believe that Barack Obama and George Soros are still running the government from behind the curtain.

I spoke with Sue Payne. Unfortunately, she didn’t have it taped. I did speak to her producer, who heard the same conversation. They sound honest – and since they are replacing us – it all makes sense. We will have the 13+ million by 2024, and they’re voting.



In light of that, do you remember this clip from 2015, when a cogent Biden, flanked by Alejandro Mayorkas, says he wants an “unrelenting stream of immigration” that will make “Caucasians like me” the minority. And that’s a “good thing.”

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