VA House Passes Gun Ban Bill & Ammo Confiscation


The Virginia House of Delegates passed a package of gun control proposals Tuesday on a near party-line vote. A few Democrats were allowed to vote against the bill.

The proposal passed the House 51-48, with all Republicans, and several Democrats voting against the bill. The legislation includes a ban on the sale of several firearms defined as “assault weapons,” including the popular AR-15.

It now heads for the Senate. They will pass it and it will go to Blackface Northam.

Virginia residents who currently own these types of firearms will not be forced to participate in a mandatory buyback program as had initially been considered by state Democrats. However, the bill gives the state government the authority to confiscate certain types of ammunition that are considered “high capacity.”

The confiscation of the ‘assault weapons’ will come down the road. You know it will.

This is the second gun-control package approved by the House recently.

The legislature passed bills late last month that included universal background checks, red flag laws, and a law limiting citizens of the Commonwealth to one firearm purchase a month.

Both bills now head to the state senate, where Democrats hold a narrow 21-19 majority. Governor Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam has spoken out in support of both bills.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“HB 961 would make tens of thousands of gun owners in Virginia criminals overnight,” Republican Del. Nick Freitas told the Washington Examiner. “This bill creates an environment where you could receive up to 12 months in jail for every magazine you have over 12 rounds. At the same time that Democrats are voting for early release programs for people convicted of first-degree murder and rape, they are criminalizing law-abiding gun owners.”

Gun control initiatives are opposed by 91 of the state’s 95 counties. They declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

A recent rally drew over 20,000 attendees. The Virginia rulers don’t care what the people want.

Southern and Western Virginia should consider seceding and joining up with West Virginia.

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