Venezuelan Amnesty-Recipient Possibly Shot 2 NYPD and Brutally Robbed a Woman


Bernardo Mata, who is a very strong suspect in the shooting of two police officers, is a dangerous criminal from Venezuela. The Biden administration gave him amnesty, which they said they wouldn’t do if the person were a criminal. They gave him amnesty after only a year.

Democrats want to turn Manhattan into Venezuela, which is a coincidence because Biden wants to turn the whole country into Venezuela.

Biden’s administration gave Mata amnesty.

A Queens woman who police believe was robbed by the migrant accused of shooting two NYPD police officers described how she was dragged from her car by a moped-riding crew during the violent snatch-and-grab mugging just blocks from her house.

Desiree Mason, 38, described a harrowing attack in an exclusive interview with The NY Post, in which she also thanked the wounded officers for getting alleged cop-shooter Bernardo Castro Mata off the streets.

Mason was dragged out of her own car parked in front of her Woodhaven home by a thug whom she identified as Mata. He allegedly grabbed her wallet and took off on a moped on the night of May 7.

“I’ve lived here 38 years; I’ve never felt this way before,” she said. “Now I have something that’s a little like PTSD where I’m nervous around anyone on a moped, you know, thinking to myself, ‘Is he going to jump off and rob me?’”

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