Matt Taibbi Gets Red-Pilled


Matt Taibbi is a left-wing journalist raised by ACLU parents. It doesn’t matter how left-wing he was. The truth and free speech are more important to him. Whether it’s the truth about the fraudulent “insurrection” that is getting people imprisoned as if this was Stalin’s Soviet Union or the Hunter laptop, kept hidden by our intelligence service and administration of Reds.

How do you have an insurrection without weapons other than the occasional pepper spray or flag pole? No one with knowledge of the events believes it was an insurrection.

The Hunter laptop as Russian disinformation was another terrible lie.

We hear anti-gun Taibbi is getting his gun license. Miracles will never cease, or is it just that his parents did a good job teaching him to think independently and not chant anyone’s mantra?

Seek truth.

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