WaPo fears the 1-6 riot will be downplayed, watch the raw footage


The Washington Post claims the conservative media and politicians are attempting to downplay the seriousness of the January 6 riot. It could be true to some degree, but what the media won’t do is show you the Democrats and non-voters who were in many cases, instigators. Also true is that while it was bad, some people who were charged were just walking around, and some were let in by the police.

The riot was bad, very bad, but it wasn’t a 9/11 catastrophe as the media is describing it.

CNN and NBC paid thousands for the radical Sullivan’s videos. A CNN reporter Jade Sacker filmed with Sullivan and encouraged rioting.

The Democrat media has blown it out of proportion and we do need honesty.

WaPo wants you to think it was worse than it was. Democrats do as well, publicizing their professionally edited video and the overcharging of people who were in the Capitol.

They are deeply concerned that Tucker Carlson doesn’t see the riot as an insurrection. The only reason Democrats call it an insurrection is so they can use it to push their hard-left agenda.

There are also reports of people who weren’t in the Capitol being grilled by the FBI and suffering nighttime raids.


No one is saying the riot wasn’t bad, but the Left is using it. As Rahm Emanuel said, ‘Never let a crisis go to waste!’

Hundreds of thousands or more were peaceful, and that is ignored.


The Jayden X videos of John Sullivan, a radical leftist, were filmed with the help of a CNN reporter. We imagine he was somewhat selective but if you go to the link, you can see the raw footage and decide for yourself. The mega file also includes other live streams and videos. You might have to watch some on Chrome due to the size of the files.


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The Fiery Furnace
The Fiery Furnace
2 years ago

Well hype it up some then Comrade kommissar Bezos after all you are the puppetmaster.
(h/t-Elon Musk)
Make it live in infamy forever as the horny Viking vandals stormed the sacred halls of the immaculate mommygov with one Florida man (!) carting off with the sacred Blutfahne lectern.
How dare these deplorable kulak untermenschen scum desecrate the halls of the enlightened beings with their stench ridden offal.
One horny barbarian carted off with Nancy Pelosi’s 1-2-3 Dominion laptop in hopes of seeing her hot naked selfies. Off with their heads!

2 years ago

The January 6th Siege was little more than a Mostly Peaceful Demonstration by Democrat Standards. If it was a a true insurrection, the Heads of the Democrat Party would staked out on pikes on the Capitol steps. That is what Democrats are scared of. They know they have been screwing The People and are now truly scared that The People want their pound of flesh. I’d rather see those Democrats defeated at the ballot box, then charged and prosecuted for their crimes. If they have to be removed by force, then so be it. It is now very clear that America’s survival will require their removal.

2 years ago

Using insider information to prolong the appearance of an insurrection typical Propaganda.