WaPo says Barr wants Trump to dump Rudy


Attorney General William Barr has reportedly counseled President Donald Trump that his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has served him poorly and should be dropped.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that Barr has directly raised the issue with Trump, saying he must recognize that Giuliani has become a liability.

Giuliani is involved, perhaps inappropriately, with the Justice Department and the State Department.

The associates — Igor Furman and Lev Parnas — who helped Giuliani make contacts are now charged with serious crimes and Rudy himself is under investigation.

If it’s true, and not much out of WaPo is true, it’s not stopping Rudy. He just returned from a trip to Budapest and Ukraine. President Trump said Rudy “got a lot of good information.”

Perhaps Rudy’s interfering with Barr’s probe or maybe it’s not true.

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