Warning: BBB Bill Will Destroy Religious Daycares


Senate Minority ‘Leader’ McConnell warned that Democrats are coming for religious daycares. He is referring to the socialist multi-trillion-dollar bill coming up after Democrats wasted $6.6T under the guise of COVID. McConnell isn’t a good messenger but he’s right about this.

This Sanders-Biden bill is the worst of them all, not only because of dangerous inflation but also because it sets up a socialist welfare state.

In the video below, McConnell describes only one problem with the bill. It’s not a surprise. For Democrats to succeed, they must destroy religion.

The media wants you to believe it is a separation of church and state issue but that is a longstanding lie. There is NOTHING in the constitution that declares we must separate church and state, especially on issues like funding daycares. The constitution addresses freedom of religion, PERIOD.

McConnell’s Warning

“The reckless taxing and spending spree might not ban faith-based providers on day one, but their scheme of mandates and subsidies would slowly and quietly push them out. The Democrats bill would deny religious providers an extra funding stream for upgrading their facilities which their secular competitors would actually get. And their proposal would let woke bureaucrats prosecute faith-based groups unless they leave their values at the door.

“If a Jewish daycare wants to prioritize Jewish families, they could get thrown out of the Democrat’s scheme for engaging in discrimination. A Catholic facility could be kicked out if families who are registered parishioners get first dibs. If a faith-based provider decides not to hire someone who fundamentally rejects their teachings, left-wing bureaucrats and lawyers would come after them as well.

“The woke mob that stalks cake bakers and florists is now coming for church daycare.”

I would imagine this will apply to Islam and other religions as well.


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