Watch Cartel hitmen rampaging in a hospital & listen to DEA Special Ops Chief (videos)


Former DEA Chief of Special Operations Derek Maltz sent the Sentinel the first clip from America’s Newsroom this morning, discussing the attack that ended in 21 deaths 45 miles south of our border.

The violence was an example of cartels — the most violent in the world — fighting for turf. President Obrador’s hugs for thugs policies aren’t working. Shocker!

The violence is getting worse, Mr. Maltz says. We can’t just talk any longer. We must shut down their violent business. Their drugs are killing our kids.

Mr. Maltz wrote to the Sentinel: Now that President has made the bold decision to move forward with the terrorist designation for the cartels, we need the US interagency to form a powerful operational task force to decimate the cartels and save lives.”


Mr. Maltz put his tweets in a slide show format, look and weep: Cartels FTOS Nov 27 2019


To give you a sense of what we are up against, watch the next clip of a different scene with hitmen tearing through a hospital to kidnap a patient.

The group of heavily armed Mexican “hitmen” can be seen storming a Mexico City hospital dragging away a patient who was later found dismembered, no doubt dismembered alive.

This happened on November 21st at the General Hospital of Salvatierra. They stormed two other hospitals in October, kidnapped two other male patients who were later murdered.

All kidnap victims were in the hospital for gunshot wounds.

Is this what Americans want here? It’s coming. These cartels are throughout the United States now.

Instead of sanctuaries and amnesty, we need to get them out of here.


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