Watch drugs pour through Biden’s open border and this is just one ranch


On Fox News, Republican Congressman Andy Biggs showed a video from his home state of Arizona with illegal aliens, many of them wearing camouflage and backpacks, streaming across the border undeterred. The backpacks are for the drugs.

He gave the video to Fox News and had received it from an Arizona rancher. It was shot over several weeks. The backpacks are loaded with all kinds of drugs.

“In this particular incidence, what you’re looking at is men typically ages 16-25, military-type age, who are working for the cartels,” Biggs told Fox News, adding that the Border Patrol numbers show that there were 90,000 “got aways,” migrants who were observed crossing the border but not caught, in the Tucson border sector this fiscal year alone.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary “Mayorkas deceives Americans claiming that the border is closed, but preliminary calculations show 190,000 illegal aliens were encountered at our Southern Border in June alone,” Biggs said. “In the meantime, we’re seeing some of the lowest numbers of deportations in decades. The record number entering the country and the record low in deportations show both ends of the Biden administration’s efforts to drive up the number of people in the country illegally.”

Biden is supporting and abetting drug cartels by breaking the law and keeping the borders open.


Forget COV, these monsters are coming to kill you and your family with their poison through our open borders.

Close the damn border:

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Frank S.
Frank S.
2 years ago

The Cartels should make Joe Biden their ”Employee of the Year”. The endlessly corrupt, doddering old swamp snake is making the ruthless killers billions while he allows our youth to be poisoned.

A Crack In the Foam Column
A Crack In the Foam Column
2 years ago

What about states with legal cannabis, any cartel activity?
They aren’t known for HQ marijuana, just saying, the other drugs are the money makers for them.
Opiate junkie heads go up the ladder until only heroin will do and I have known several with one overdose.
TBI makes it impossible for me to take opiates due to vertigo and nausea, actually a blessing!
CCP are the fentanyl masters while Russians have some really evil chemistry lab set synthetic flesh eating crap.

2 years ago

Traitor Joe is making Drug Cartels rich while tens of thousands of Americans are dying from Illegal Drug use. What this is really about is the Slave Labor California needs to keep its farms profitable. I wonder how much Pelosi’s vineyards lost last year?