Watch the kids at an anti-whiteness pep rally with chanting to Aztec gods


The California Department of Education is recommending that schools have their students join anti-“Whiteness” pep rallies complete with chanting and praising of ancient deities, RealClearInvestigations reports.

They also recommend that educators lead their students to chant “In Lak Ech,” which invokes the names of Mesopotamian and Aztec deities, the latter of which was considered the god of human sacrifice.

In the video below, students can be seen and heard chanting led by R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, one of the authors of California’s divisive and insane ethnic studies curriculum, which was recently rejected by the state’s legislature.

We reported it earlier not realizing it was rejected, surprisingly but thankfully.

At the Social Justice Humanitas Academy in Los Angeles, students attended a pep rally as seen on the video where they sang phrases in foreign languages in order to combat “White supremacy.”

Watch this thing. It’s insane. Cuauhtin is the Jim Jones of social justice warriors. This is a cult, not crowds of Trump supporters.

We reported about the chanting to the Aztec god or demon or whatever as part of this program. It’s unbelievable, but it’s for real.

A reader sent this video to me from the Post Millennial:

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