We Must Continue to Pretend Vaccines Do What They Don’t Do


The following is mostly mined from an outstanding article, Washington’s Tennis Court rules by a guest poster, David Marks, posted on Dr. Robert Malone’s substack. I summarized some of the information here.

The Center For Disease Control, the Federal Drug Administration, and US officials claimed COVID-19 vaccines prevented transmission and illness of COVID-19. That was never true. Natural immunity was suddenly meaningless. Anyone who talked of treatments was banned on social media. We went extreme vaccination under the rule of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma.

Joe Biden during a town hall in the summer of 2021:

Half the population were demonized and punished if they were unvaccinated. COVID-19 was falsely called the pandemic of the unvaccinated. As more and more vaccinated ended up sick and dying, it was clearly the pandemic of the vaccinated.

It also became known that the people who became very ill or died overwhelmingly had other comorbidities or serious risk factors.

Terminated employees who refused the shot didn’t get their jobs back, and we all have to carry on as if all this knowledge hasn’t been made public.

The abnormal devotion to vaccines without long-term testing became government policy throughout the West, taking their lead from an administration led by a man who appears to have dementia.

At first, Pfizer claimed their product was over 94% effective after a second dose. That didn’t bear out in the real world. The so-called protection didn’t last long and then the breakthrough cases came to prove beyond a doubt that the vaccines didn’t stop the infection.

As it became obvious the vaccines didn’t stop the infection, Joe Biden lashed out with rage and inflammatory rants.

The vaccines aren’t even vaccines. They’re gene therapy but the government and drug companies lied and changed the definition of vaccines to include their mRNA shots.

Research revealed that the vaccines weren’t doing what they were purported to do.

In October of 2021, a study proved that viral loads were no different in vaccinated or unvaccinated people with COVID-19. The data proved the vaccines blunted the disease, but that’s all.

By the end of 2021, the CDC knew the vaccine would also have a minimal capability in stopping infection from the new Omicron variant.

Nonetheless, the White House tyranny did not stop.

Biden finally admitted that “If you are vaccinated and boosted, you may get COVID.” But he continued to blame the unvaccinated for the pandemic with no scientific evidence whatsoever.

The CDC guidance now states that current vaccines provide minimal protection against infection and transmission.

Biden doesn’t let that stop his tyrannical push for vaccination.

The only claim remaining is that the vaccines prevent more serious illness and death.

There is conflicting data on the general efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines regarding serious complications. There is more evidence that people in danger of more serious illness or death are people with comorbidities.

The sub-variants of Omicron are highly resistant to vaccines. Despite that, Big Pharma and the White House are preparing to distribute the next generation of COVID vaccines. It’s based on eight mice.

Facts don’t matter in this administration. Government policies ignore all scientific research. How can they admit they lied? There is so much at stake.

The investigation would expose the history of the financial influence of pharmaceutical companies on policies that have adversely affected all Americans.

The only studies on the new booster were on 8 mice who didn’t make it.

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