What Happened to Russia’s Coup & Ukraine’s Counteroffensive


We have a brief analysis of the coup and Col. MacGregor’s view of how the counteroffensive is going. If he’s right, it’s terrifying.


Americans and Ukrainians seemed to think Prigozhin’s pathetic march to Moscow would be the end of Russian President Putin. Yevgeny Prigozhin no sooner got out of Rostov-on-Don when he realized no one was coming with him. His big ego led him to believe the people and the military would tag along during his march. Perhaps the US did fuel the march in some way, financially or through propaganda. If so, it was another miscalculation.

Putin is very popular in Russia. After his speech that Western media claimed was weak and a surrender of sorts, the Russian people united around him and were singing patriotic songs by evening.

Wherever Prigozhin is, he won’t be seen in public again. As for his leadership in Bakhmut, it likely wasn’t because he was superior. It was probably because Russia was building up its army at the time.


Michael Savage interviewed Colonel McGregor yesterday. He asked him about the conduct of the war and the cluster bombs. The cluster bombs are an escalation, no matter what the media tells you. It doesn’t sound like they’re going to have much benefit but they will have a lot of negatives after the war. Colonel McGregor said cluster bombs are only good against soft targets like cars, and people. The real damage of cluster bombs was to children after the war in 1991.

He said further that senior officers have not kept up with modern equipment. As we know, Joe Biden said that we’re out of ammo, and that’s why we have to send cluster bombs. Col. MacGregor thinks that’s probably the case. They haven’t come up with new helmets, new body armor, and new tanks. For instance, we’re sending over Bradley tanks and they’re at the end of their life. They’re being destroyed over there because they’re obsolete.

Savage added that 40% of our nuclear subs are in port unprepared for war. He also said that people mostly understand now that Ukraine’s President Zelensky is an entertainer and a puppet.

Michael Savage asked the Colonel about the counteroffensive and the war in general. He wanted to know what the casualties look like because we’re not getting the truth from the media.

Colonel MacGregor so that one Intel officer leaked numbers to a Western paper, and he estimated 26,000 Ukrainians dead. It could be as many as 36,000 dead and as many wounded. As for Russia, he claims that only 200 to 300 are dead, and 1500 to 2000 were wounded.

He said that Russia has been lowballing the deaths and casualties in Ukraine. They estimated about 15,000 to 20,000 Ukrainians died. But now they are estimating upwards of that number.

Colonel MacGregor said that he gets his numbers from sources, obituaries, and cemeteries.

No War in Kyiv

He noted that if you go to Kiev, you’ll find no sign of war. He says that Russia has avoided the city because it’s the birthplace of Christianity in Russia. The rest of Ukraine looks like a meat grinder.

Colonel MacGregor is very concerned that Britain and France are talking about sending long-range missiles to Ukraine. He can’t think of any reason to do that. It allows Ukraine which is desperate to fire into Russia and drag us into the war. He said Ukraine’s desperate to drag us into the war. The only Europeans who really want to be involved in this war are the Lithuanians and the Polish. He thinks they’ve gone mad. At one point, they talked about going in on their own without NATO. Hopefully, tthey won’t because it wouldn’t matter to Putin. He would consider it NATO.

Shoigu announced an offensive now in Kharkiv. They are moving to the NE corner of Ukraine.

Russia won’t allow the West to dismember them, although the misguided people in DC seem to think they can achieve this. Russia could easily fill up the Atlantic and other seas with subs. China would join them. China won’t allow the West to dismember Russia, MacGregor believes.

Zelensky in his Ché war costume doesn’t work any longer. People are on to this.

Michael Savage asked when will the de-escalation begin. All we do is escalate. MacGregor said we have to count on the Europeans, not Lithuania or Poland obviously. In the meantime, Moscow will show they’re serious and keep moving through Ukraine.

MacGregor said our biggest problem is there’s too much consensus. We have a Uniparty that’s out to enrich themselves. He suggests we need a new party with the Make America Great People and RFK Democrats. He wouldn’t know how to do that, but he thinks that’s what we need.

We Won’t Dismember Them

MacGregor added that Russia is not weak, not a gas station, as some fool said.  He believes that we should not go to war with countries thousands of miles away when we can do it through business instead of going to war. Pray Europe takes the lead.

We need to end this war. Putin doesn’t want a war with the US and sees unbalanced people in DC who would go nuclear.

They will look to Europe to stop it. Germans, Italians, and most Europeans have no interest in dismembering Russia. D.C. does want to do exactly that.

Europe wants to just continue being vassals of America, living in a welfare state, not paying for defense, he believes.

He said we shouldn’t be fighting them on a battlefield when we can do it in business on a level playing field. If we don’t want them stealing our secrets, we should keep them out of the country and close the border, and keep them out of our universities and businesses.

Finally, McGregor said we should keep in mind that the Russians are no longer Soviets. They’ve gone back to their old culture. The same thing that happened there is happening in the US right now. They’re trying to reconstruct society. People don’t matter and everyone’s fungible. Everything is an artificial construct. That’s ridiculous, and it’s not true. It’s bound to fail.

If you go to MSN, you’ll hear something quite different, and we don’t know what the truth is, but we want you to hear something other than the corrupt Western media. Look at the different viewpoints and decide. Watch the clip.

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