This Is What Will Happen at Today’s Impeachment Trial, PAINFUL!


Fox News published an hour by hour summary of what will likely happen during Tuesday’s impeachment trial. In summary, we will tell you the main points since we are reasonably sure you won’t be watching non-stop.

The trial begins at 1 pm and the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger will probably call it to order. You will see him at other times as well.

Sen. Jim Inhofe will be sworn in since he was absent last week. Then the Senate will take care of some administrivia.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., will offer his resolution dictating the parameters of the trial. McConnell’s proposal is formally known as a “motion” in Senate parlance. And, by rule, the Senate then has two hours per side to debate the McConnell plan.

The seven House managers and members of Trump’s defense team – not any senators – would debate the proposal.

That means two hours Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, et al. Painful!


Then there is the amendment tree with Chuck Schumer eating up two hours to debate all that is on his wishlist.

Fox News is told to expect a closed Senate session after these two debates, meaning lawmakers essentially would kick everyone out of the chamber: the public, the media, the president’s legal team, and the impeachment managers. The only people left: senators, Roberts and essential floor staff. It would happen in the Senate chamber itself, not the Old Senate Chamber for however long.

It should end around 5 or 6 pm.

At some point in the evening, the Senate will return to open session with an agreement – or no agreement – and have to deal with the McConnell and Schumer proposals.

When they vote on the Amendment tree, they will start with Schumer’s proposals and work their way up to McConnell’s — he’s the big kahuna.


Schumer is angry about the resolution/rules but he’s always angry. He should go back to his petty life of handling robocalls and tight seats on planes.

The rules exercise tight control over Democrat media and they allow for secret Schiff-like meetings. They also don’t promise witnesses.

Carrying this trial out for any length of time with witnesses to look for more so-called evidence is absurd.

First of all, what they are accusing the President of is not a crime, and secondly, there is no first-hand evidence he did it. They impeached him on a thought crime.

Most importantly, it’s not an impeachable offense as outlined in the Constitution. The Founders were very specific about what is and their two articles of impeachment aren’t them. Allowing the trial to go on is diminishing, permanently damaging the Constitution.

For the Constitution’s sake, this trial must go quickly. Will the RINOs care? Probably not. The politicians have been selling out America for decades.



  1. Thanks for a fine summary that I cannot get anywhere else.

    So we will miss the explosion in the debate, but dems will be barking afterwards. RINOs will turn this into a mess, we have the Kavanaugh precedent.

  2. It’s TV turn off Tuesday. I’ll tune in later for the low lights of the low life’s for what ever the dullard democrat defecation oration degenerate shyster Schummer extricated from his anal orifice. Why raise the BP over trash talk? American’s have put up with this dumpster heap of degenerate anti-Amercan dregs long enough. Those communist shills all need to be gaged, bagged and taged.

  3. When will this madness end? I have an answer for that, when the republicans grow a pair and tell the dems to shut the **** up. Then get Barr of his a** and finally get this country justice.Do you think any of this will happen? I sadly don’t think it will.

  4. This entire farce is going to usurp perfectly good TV shows for days! The house has had ALL the witnesses they wished including 1 in the basement they won’t release the transcript of ( it must blow their case up)
    What a waste of time and money!

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