What’s happening to the Sentinel on Social Media


We post on a Facebook page titled, Capitalism is Freedom and there are 930,000 followers. We have more followers than the Reddit The_Donald page at 700,000 plus.

But few can see our page or share. It can’t be monetized or gain in numbers.


The Facebook censors selected four MEMES — MEMES – over the course of five months that they said were false news or hate speech. They then used them as an excuse to cut our reach. Two of the memes were inaccurate — two mistakes — and the two hate speech memes were NOT hate speech. They were about illegal immigration and one was a joke about radical Muslims but Fakebook doesn’t allow anything about those topics or guns on their platform.

Now they are condemning articles as click bait and we have almost no reach now. Following are two that are unacceptable to them although they are accurate.

The first article has no misleading content and at the time, everyone knew what the announcement about deportations was. It was everywhere in the news.

The second article is a bombshell. But anything by or about James O’Keefe is labeled false or unacceptable in some way. The title is simply a quote, not clickbait.

Fakebook picked out two other articles last month and said the same thing. If you are on the right, you must have boring headlines and you must also give all the information about the story in the title. Who would click them at all? But that is the point after all.

On YouTube, thousands of our videos — Fox News videos — have been deleted and our circulation is down from thousands to under a hundred per video in most cases.

As for Twitter, we never attempted to have a presence on the platform, but no one sees us in their feed in any case.

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