Where was Pelosi when the admin was told to buy ventilators 14 years ago?


The New York Times published an absolutely awful story Wednesday replete with fake news. Titled, “There aren’t enough Ventilators to cope with the coronavirus,” it continues the lie, debunked several times, that the President told the governors they were on their own with equipment.

We already published the truth about that dishonest story as did many others, including The Daily Caller, which you can read about on this link.

What we want to get to is the core of the story. They claim the hospitals won’t have ventilators. The Soros-Podesta site, Center for American Progress called the President out for saying, Nobody in their wildest dreams would have ever thought we would need tens of thousands of ventilators.” Why would people buy millions of them for an illness that doesn’t exist?

First of all, I googled ventilators today and could have bought several. Granted, they aren’t cheap. Forgetting that, why doesn’t the press do their job and ask why the prior administration added so much red tape

In fact, they shouldn’t do that and they shouldn’t politicize, period. The entire Times article viciously attacks this President and it’s false from beginning to end.

“The United States . . . has been slow to develop a national strategy for accelerating the production of ventilators. That appears to reflect in part the federal government’s sluggish reaction to the coronavirus, with President Trump and others initially playing down the threat,” the Times writes.

Sluggish is the past, not the present. Obama took months to get enough tests and equipment out to those afflicted with the Avian Flu.

A blog, Politichicks, did some research on the issue:

Fifteen years ago the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) assessed possible macroeconomic effects of an avian flu pandemic. The director of the CBO communicated this report directly to leaders of the Senate majority as well as Senator Harry Reid, then Minority Leader United States Senate, Dennis Hastert, then-Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi, then Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In its 2006 report entitled “A Potential Influenza Pandemic: An Update on Possible Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Issues,” the CBO described the nation’s preparedness, concluding that even with additions of 1.2 million N95 respirator masks, 5,000 hospital beds, and 4,000 ventilators to the national stockpile, “the available supplies would be less than what would be necessary to meet the demands of a severe pandemic.”

So, why didn’t Geroge Bush, Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi do something? We actually don’t agree that they should have, but if they are going to condemn anyone, start with these leaders.

One poll says 57% of Americans think the President is doing a good job, but the Dem media is intent on killing that sentiment. They are concentrating on getting a senile man and an anonymous black woman into office.

Just keep in mind that when the President was dealing with the virus, issuing a travel ban he was condemned for, the Democrats and their media were impeaching him with hoax articles of impeachment.

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