White-Blooded Sunny Hostin Still Supports Reparations


We just reported about the racist co-host of The View, Sunny Hostin, who once said that white women who vote for Republicans are like roaches casting their ballots for an insecticide because the GOP may try to limit abortion rights. She recently learned from a genealogist that she’s descended from Spanish slaveowners. From what she said, her slaver family must have traveled to Puerto Rico about 1867 when Spain ended slavery. That makes her a white supremacist, as we noted.

She told The View audience that she still supports reparations, so I suggest everyone eligible send the bill to her.

You just can’t fix stupid, but she makes millions saying stupid things.

She’s rich, as you can see at the end with the linked tour of her mansion. She has ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Sweet! She lives in Purchase, NY where the average income in her zip is $352,000 a year and most people are white.

She has a lot of racial justice to make up for since she’s from a family of enslavers.

[Actually, we don’t believe anyone should pay reparations for what ancestors did. Outside of DNA, we have no ties to sins they committed.]

Click on the freep box to see Sunny Hostin’s mansion, and while you’re watching, after the ads, notice her skin color – she’s very light-skinned and rich. That makes her a white supremacist by Marxist Democrat standards.

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16 days ago

Why don’t we skip the formalities and just demand that whites turn their paychecks over to blacks?

17 days ago

Does anyone believe this bitch lives in the hood with her bros? Does anyone believe this Amish gal has given a dime to improve the lives of the Amish in the hood?

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
18 days ago

We don’t believe anyone should pay reparations for what ancestors did!” Agreed.
Parents have responsibility for the way they train their children, but children have no responsibility for the actions of their parents, grandparents, etc. especially for actions before they were born, for the had no means to influence those actions..

On the other hand, each person has a responsibility before God for how they use the gifts, abilities and resources God provides to use them in a godly manner.

Note: as an American citizen who voted for Trump, I am in no way responsible for the sins of Joe Biden and his ilk, but those who voted for them are culpable.