‘White rage’ Milley and ‘CRT’ Austin blame the Afghans for their disaster


“You can’t buy willpower,” says Defense Secretary Austin. Apparently, gender studies and critical race theory weren’t enough training. Milley can’t blame this on white rage or can he?

The two bumbling leaders of the Afghanistan operation addressed reporters today. Generals Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Secretary respectively, were so deeply concerned about critical race theory and the non-existent white supremacy threat, they abandoned the one most important job they had.

General Milley says the US military is now processing about 500 people an hour into the Kabul airport for evacuation. He should also process his resignation and General Austin’s. Biden should follow them into retirement.

Why didn’t they get the Americans out first? They abandoned Bagram and left themselves only one way out, why? Why did they let the Taliban encircle Kabul airport?

Milley blamed the Afghan soldiers and the Afghan leadership. No one takes responsibility.

Milley’s lying about the capability of the Afghan forces. First of all, there aren’t 300,000 soldiers — there are about 180,000 including the pilots. The rest are the police.

There is evidence that they knew the army’s capability was a sham.


Not handling the situation, not paying attention to the crisis unfolding led to horrors like this:

Milley claims they couldn’t have known. All he had to do is go on Twitter. The rush through Afghanistan — they already had two-thirds of it — was being tracked. They were taking border crossings and making a beeline for Kabul. The administration started warning Americans to leave on July 7th. Why didn’t they force an evacuation or at least get locations on them?

The Taliban was 80 miles away the day before they reached Kabul. They should have secured the airport and the route to the airport. The night before, they were reportedly about 7 miles from Kabul and had taken every border crossing on the way. What did the generals think they were going to do?

What about security at the airport? There wasn’t any.


Austin is stunned by one reporter’s question asking if saving Americans all depends on diplomacy with the Taliban [who are bloodthirsty killers]:

Meanwhile, Afghans are reporting that Congress and the Senate were warned. Did they try to change the trajectory?
We don’t know if this is true. It could be propaganda or just misinformation, but someone needs to find out if it’s true.

Who knew and when did they know it?

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