Why Riley Gaines Fights for Women


At the end of this article, watch the short clip in which Riley Gaines explains why she takes on the public fight for women’s rights. You might not realize what they did to her in early March. The incident at SFSU and the incredible follow-up by Jamillah Moore show why we must take on this fight.

Competitive university swimmer Riley Gaines was recently assaulted, hit, and held hostage for three hours by screaming, dangerous trans activists. Ms. Gaines gave a speech supporting women at San Francisco State University for TPUSA. Instead of sympathizing with the victim, Riley Gaines, the Vice President of Student Affairs, Jamillah Moore, sympathized with her violent kidnappers.

As an aside, Moore credits her success – such as it is – to a privileged EOP program [affirmative action]. She said she wouldn’t have made it without that program. Maybe she shouldn’t have?

Jamillah Moore, screenshot from SFSU information video

She has now blocked Riley Gaines on Twitter because she’s not open to diverse thoughts. Jamillah protected her tweets, but she only has 23 friends and 25 followers, and we can see why.

After the assault this past week, Riley said she will not be deterred and plans to sue every last one of them. Jamillah Moore and the band of violent men posing as women with their non-trans supporters will not deter her.
Watch this short clip in which Riley explains why she decided to take a public stance. It’s startling and well worth watching:

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