Wray and Barr Knew About the Laptop Before Trump was Impeached


FBI Director Christopher Wray and former Attorney General Bill Barr knew about the Hunter laptop before Donald Trump was impeached. They knew, and we knew they knew. The Twitter revelations confirm it.

Government corruption is mindboggling. Wray won’t answer questions from congressmen and rushes off to a vacation instead. Barr goes from interview to interview, saying Donald Trump is dangerous. From here, it looks like they are the dangerous ones.

Steve Bannon said they allowed a man compromised financially by the Chinese Communist Party to become president.

Rudy Giuliani said they are guilty of “major disloyalty to our country.”

The laptop showed Biden was deeply involved in the Ukraine affair up to his ears, and everything Trump said was true. The impeachment was not necessary. They had exculpatory evidence.

Let’s not forget this betrayal:

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