Yale student body issues ugly anti-Israel, anti-American resolution


Woke anti-Semites at Yale issued a nasty anti-Israel, anti-American resolution, claiming the nations are oppressive racists and imperialists. They included the fake white supremacy threat in their resolution as well.

On Sunday, June 27, the Yale undergraduate student government, Yale College Council (YCC), passed the resolution in an 8-3 vote, with 4 abstentions. The body is led by Bayan Galal, Yale’s first Arab student body president. She is involved in the radical anti-Israel movement.

Under the guise of justice, anti-racism, and anti-imperialism, this hard-Left body claims Israel is an apartheid nation. This comes after Israel just suffered from an assault of 4,000 rockets by Gaza terrorists. [These are our best and brightest?]


“As students at one of the most privileged academic institutions in the world, we must call out injustice wherever it may occur,” the statement said.

“We call upon Yale students to recognize the connections between the US’s domestic racial oppression and its imperial oppression of people of color worldwide,” it continued. “Just as Israel’s military enforces the apartheid system against Palestinians, the US police enforces the system of white supremacy against Black Americans.”

This entire fake anti-racism, woke movement is run by Marxists, Marxist-Leninists, and Stalinists, who generally are racists themselves. The Yale student body has signed up for the Marxist cultural revolution, using race and class warfare to divide and conquer.

Don’t be fooled by these people. This is not anti-racism, and Jewish students best be careful.

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