Yale Law School Promoting Quran As a Law Book


On Monday, CBN News reported that the Yale Law School is sending a booklet entitled “Reading the Koran as a Law Book” to some of its alumni.

Evangelist Pat Robertson was one of the alumni who received the booklet unsolicited and he was shocked.

Robertson said he was shocked when he received the booklet, which he did not request.

It’s from a lecture by Joseph Lowry an associate professor from the University of Pennsylvania.
Lowry believes the Koran should be taken seriously as a book of laws.

“Islamic law has a long and proud tradition, which encompasses great intellectual achievements,” said law school Dean Robert C. Post.

What might those be? Beheadings, wife abuse, amputations, silencing opposition with brutality?


A Saudi Arabian Sheikh established a law school at Yale this year and he hopes it will become the top destination for the study of sharia.

Yale will for some unknown reason ensure the center’s work is integrated into the life of the law school. Since Islamic law and Sharia are in direct conflict with U.S. law and our constitution, it is unclear as to why it has to be integrated into the U.S. law school.

Saudi Arabia is the keeper of the strictest form of the Islamic faith and of sharia law. They beheaded 50 people in one day this year for assorted crimes with the generic apostasy being the most popular.

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Saudi Sheikh Establishes a Sharia Law School at a Top Ivy League School


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