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Facebook communications officer Andy Stone is censoring the bombshell article in the NY Post the exposes Joe Biden, claiming he met with a corrupt Burisma Oligarch months before he threatened Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was about to investigate Hunter Biden.

The Biden camp denies the meeting.

Stone said this is standard procedure. He reduced the distribution of the story and we took ours down from FB voluntarily.

He claims they don’t want to interfere in the election process.

Josh Hawley — God bless Josh Hawley — wants answers as to why the story is censored beyond the normal platitudes. There is no evidence the story is false.




  1. SADLY Josh is dealing with PROFESSIONAL LIARS, (sometimes known as
    “storytellers”…OR…”narrative makers”…OR…Journalists), and, he will gain VERY LITTLE from these “cretins of communications” since they don’t believe in FACTUAL INFO, (known as GENUINE “fact checking”);…they ONLY believe in THEIR “NARRATIVE”…

  2. Talk about a cover up! Facebook violates the First Amendment on a daily basis.

    By the way, watch for Senator Hawley (R-MO) to run for president in a few years. This guy’s brilliant.

    • See, the problem I see is that if FB wishes to be treated as a publisher, then they have the right to censor what they want.
      By being a publisher, they are subject to libel charges, and liability charges, on what they allow posted.
      However, if they wish to waive those obligations, they can be considered a platform. That comes with almost no liability.
      50 years ago, we had publishers (NY Times e.g.) who could be sued if they published outright lies.
      We also had pretty much one platform (Ma Bell), who could NOT be sued for what the users said over the phone system.
      The problem is that FB, Twitter, etc. want to be BOTH publishers AND platforms.

  3. “…why the story is censored beyond the normal platitudes. There is no evidence the story is false.”

    From the geopolitical angle, you could also invert the logic: if the story was false, why would it need such heavy and emergency censoring by big Biden-donor online corporations?

  4. Has everyone forgotten Sen. Warner’s “White Paper” on Tech Companies censoring information on their platform. He directly asked the Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, and she quickly replied Facebook was implementing that directive. That in itself should warrant an injunction because Facebook implemented “policy” at the direction of a sitting Senator. This was “suppose” to correct misinformation. In another hearing when Rep. Quigley was attacking Alex Jones about misinformation, that segment was widely spread. But what was not also included was, none other than Trey Gowdy, piping up saying the Tech companies should censor misinformation. My first reaction was; who decides what is misinformation. All this is a slippery slope that is highly dangerous for any democracy. It’s the first step in Ending such a system.

  5. Who made them the arbiters of what is misinformation?
    I’m sure that they value any views that aren’t inline with the CPUSA (riiight)
    Dr. Savage said it first about the big tech oligarch monopolies.
    Aren’t the laws that broke up the 19th century robber barons still on the books?

    (h/t/-Dr. Savage)

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