Actual Good News! 15 Cabinet Secretaries Subpoenaed


The chairman of the Committee on House Administration has subpoenaed the heads of 14 executive departments as well as the director of the Office of Management and Budget — all members of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet — to obtain information about how each has implemented or plans to implement one of Biden’s executive orders.

In a Thursday news release, the committee said that it had begun an investigation into Biden’s Executive Order 14019, “Promoting Access to Voting,” soon after Biden signed it, which was in March of 2021, according to Fox News.

Committee Chairman Bryan Steil requested documents from the 15 Cabinet members on May 15 about what he called “Bidenbucks” and described as an “attempt by the Biden Administration to tilt the scales ahead of 2024,” and had received no response after nearly a month. Thus, the subpoenas.

This is the executive order that turns every executive agency into a Biden ‘Get Out the Vote’ operation.

President Biden’s Executive Order 14019, titled “Promoting Access to Voting,” was enacted on March 7, 2021. It called for each agency to submit to a “Strategic Plan” to promote mail-in voting schemes, expand multilingual voter registration and election communication, and distribute voter registration and mail-in ballots, among many other suspicious preparatory moves.

In December last year, America First Legal(AFL) said time was running out to ensure that Biden’s Deep State apparatus doesn’t interfere with the 2024 elections. Currently, the AFL team is in federal court fighting to force the federal government to release the “Strategic Plans” of fourteen different federal agencies that describe their secret efforts to prepare for the 2024 elections and increase voting access.

It’s allegedly to promote “free and fair” elections, but it appears to do the opposite.

Also, the far-left Soros-funded Demos Project is heavily involved.

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