NY Times Says Terrorists Haven’t Come Through the Open Borders


The New York Times, banking on the gullibility of their readers, said no terrorists are coming across the border. There is no way thousands of people crossing the border daily can be vetted. That is what Border Patrol has said.

No one should believe terrorists aren’t taking advantage of the open borders.

Gov. Ron DeSantis noted it, and the corrupt New York Times said it was false:

They know people trust them, and they abuse the privilege earned when they are trustworthy.

Eight Russian nationals suspected to have terror ties to ISIS-K have been arrested in a coordinated sting operation spanning Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia, The New York Post reported.

ISIS-K Tajiks bombed the Russian concert Hall recently.

Two ICE sources confirmed to The Post that six came from Tajikistan over the last week through our southern border. People from around the world walk in unimpeded.

Two others who were part of the same group were also arrested after being under surveillance for “several months” by a multi-agency Joint Terrorism Task Force, according to NBC.

Part of the investigation featured a wiretap which revealed one of the now-arrested individuals was talking about bombs, the sources said.

The NYPD also picked up a suspected terrorist in Brooklyn on the Queens border.

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