Based Amish come out for Donald Trump, will you?


There are about 89,000 Amish living in Pennsylvania. Many have never voted. Women were never allowed to vote. This year, women are being allowed to vote. Amish are coming out in full force for Donald Trump.

Democrats are mocking anyone making mention of it, but, as James Woods notes, “You can laugh, but what you are missing is that a weird coalition of Americans exists that might make a win possible. When you have the Amish, rappers, Orthodox Jews, Hispanics, suburban moms, etc. all for Trump, that is a truly unusual and possibly winning combination.”

We had better hope we do defeat the left. They plan to make this the last election for president. Sure, they will hold elections, but Republicans will have no chance of winning when they get done destroying the Electoral College, opening borders, stacking the courts, redistribute our wealth to the world with the Paris Accord, raise taxes on everyone, spend money we don’t have, and so on. They plan to act quickly if they win Congress and the presidency.

Hillary said she told the Biden camp that when they win, they must move very quickly on all their agenda items.

Biden is so bad, the Amish are coming out to defeat him

Watch the Amish:

President Trump recognizing the Amish:

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