Biden AG picks a thoroughly compromised judge for Sussman case


It was surprising that Biden’s Attorney General allowed John Durham’s recommendation to charge Michael Sussman to go forward. Sussman lied about being paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC to foment the Alpha (Alfa) Bank hoax.

Maybe it’s not so surprising after all. The judge he selected to oversee the case has way too many conflicts of interest.

The judge he appointed to hear the case, Christopher Cooper, is married to Lisa Page’s lawyer. Lisa Page is the disgraced FBI lawyer who was involved in the Russiagate hoax with paramour Peter Strzok.

Appointed to the bench by Obama in 2013, Cooper is well-connected in Democratic party legal circles. Garland officiated his 1999 wedding to Amy Jeffress.

Both Cooper and Jeffress worked at DOJ in the Obama administration. He was part of the 2008 presidential transition team, and she was the national security counselor for Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder.

Recently Jeffress wrote approvingly of Attorney General Garland’s focus on “domestic terrorism.” That is the targeting of Trump supporters.

Former prosecutor Kash Patel finds this a serious conflict of interest.

“This is a wildly unique situation,” says Kash Patel, who ran the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of possible crimes and abuses committed during the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe.

“Usually it’s defense lawyers who put in for recusal,” says Patel. “But in this case, it should be the Justice Department’s special counsel, Durham. The judge’s wife happens to be the lawyer for a possible co-conspirator.”

Patel, a former federal prosecutor, predicts that in this instance it’s the defense lawyers who will be fighting recusal. “Sussman is indicted for not telling the FBI’s general counsel he was working on behalf of the Clinton campaign, he says. “And that same general counsel, Baker, supervised Lisa Page, who is represented by the judge’s wife.”



  1. The prosecutor does not select the judge. The executive branch does not tell the judicial branch what to do.

    In the dirty era of Sessions as AG, Sessions stayed out of everything, claimed to have no influence, but of course, he was the key in creating the frame operation and allowing it to continue. Far leftists are not going to help us. They committed the crimes with impunity, then we had a resulting election coup.

    Republicans to the rescue? No way. Mitch was a key part of the frame operation, he will say nothing. Then Durham can retire pretending to be a hero by going after a low level employee who will get his wrist slapped.

  2. There’s such an incestuous relationship with so many of those in DC we can expect little to become of it all. Beginning with Sussman will allow the FBI / DOJ to be given a pass because of being ‘duped’. If Clinesmith gets a mere one-year probation, don’t expect that much in this case.

  3. This is why these dregs were afraid of Trump. He was exposing the deep state and their corruption. This is why we need term limits.

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