Biden Passes an Anti-Policing Law with an Executive Order


This afternoon, Joe Biden spoke about The George Floyd in Policing Act that Congress did not pass but he signed as an executive order. He passes laws on his own. He announced that the law raises standards but mostly it handcuffs police.

In any case, why is the President telling local and state police what to do?

Most of his speech was anti-2nd Amendment with the usual lies such as no one could own a cannon when the nation began and the Uvalde killer used an assault weapon. he suggested the murder in the cities is the fault of the police. Biden has the people hoodwinked. The problem in the cities is black criminals killing black people.

It’s not clear exactly what is in the law. One thing it does is require which will undoubtedly be WOKE.

The law he created and signed today is mostly political.

Biden is pandering to black Americans after having spent his career pushing for some of the most stringent and vicious laws – laws that harmed black men. He pushed the 1994 Crime Bill into law.

It’s a lie that Republicans made the bill fail. Democrats could have passed it on their own and DIDN’T!

Full Clip:


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