Biden peep admits infrastructure bill is to build the permanent electoral majority


A Biden advisor admits that the ‘infrastructure’ bill is about building a permanent Democrat electoral majority. Democrats don’t mind admitting it now because it’s probably too late to do much about it.

The title of a Politico article on the 7th bears the news: Biden wants to cement a governing majority. His Build Back Better bill is his plan to do it.

Once in power in perpetuity, you can see they will be tyrannical.

“Aides and operatives inside and out of the White House are coming to view it as an ambitious political play to cement, and even expand, the coalition of voters that delivered Democrats to power in November…. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity to remake the structure of the American workforce and potentially firm up an electoral realignment that was hastened during the Trump years,” the article states.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) wrote on Twitter, “President Biden said the definition of infrastructure is “evolving.” Strangely, my dictionary has not yet been updated.”

Spurred by the pandemic, Democrat pollster Celinda Lake said, the belief in government as a solution “is here to stay for a while, and I think at least through 2022. But the other question for progressives and Democrats is how we solidify this as a permanent view of what the role of government is rather than just [intervening] during a crisis.”

In 2019, AOC’s former chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti already admitted that climate change extremism is about permanent Democrat control.

Democrats don’t want to negotiate, debate, or reason, just contro.


Leaks from Soros’s Open Society Foundation already told us that is what illegal immigration is about as well.

Why do you think there was an overreaction to the January 6th riot? Why are so many still in prison for merely trespassing? It’s to let us know we can’t fight back. It’s why the troops surround the Capital. They have the media and can do whatever they want.

It’s the reason for climate change extremism, wanting to destroy the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court, and eliminate the Senate filibuster.

When they have this power, we will look more like China than the USA. There will be no free speech, freedom of religion, or the right to protest. Guns will be a thing of the past. The Tenth Amendment will also cease to exist.

We will not have our own money and will be allowed Universal Basic Income because the redistribution of wealth is what it’s all about.

We will all be WOKE even though it’s an immoral, unjust, and cruel ideology. If you aren’t WOKE, you will be canceled.

The Democrat Party under Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer with Marxist Barack Obama pulling Biden’s strings is the communist party.

Then comes The Great Reset and Global Governance.

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