Biden’s Illiterate Economic Advisor Jared’s Back with Crazy Economics


Biden’s top economic advisor, Jared Bernstein, is lying about inflation again. He explained why Biden keeps falsely stating that inflation was 9% when Uncle Joe came to power, even though everyone knows it was 1.4%.

When Neil Cavuto confronted Jared about this brazen lie in mid-May, he refused to answer the question no matter how many times Neil asked it.

Since then, he has come up with an answer, blaming Donald Trump and ignoring Biden’s role.

We have inflation because Biden began killing the energy sector and spending trillions. That is what caused inflation. At the time, Biden blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the invasion happened after inflation began to soar, and there was no time for it to have had an effect.

Watch for his response:

Jared isn’t stupid. He has an irrelevant education and training in economics, but he’s intelligent. The problem with Jared is he is woke, and all he is good at is making economics woke and unsuccessful.

If you haven’t heard this interview below, you will be amazed, I promise you.

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