Biden’s presser: answers questions from a list, will order universal mask wearing


Joe Biden spoke to the public today and claimed falsely — again — that Trump doesn’t have a plan for the virus. He then explained his plan which is exactly like President Trump’s plan.

I listened to it so you don’t have to — it was painful. He’s a buffoon.

Authoritarian Biden also said he’d mandate a universal mask plan. Since that’s unconstitutional — lots of luck Joe.

The former vice president described us as going to hell in a handbasket and the Federal Reserve Chairman said we will likely come back faster than expected. Biden and Obama oversaw the most anemic recovery — in our history.

Biden’s doom and gloom over alleged politicization of the vaccine was false. As Dr. Redfield explained today — the White House has not put any pressure on the CDC to come up with a vaccine quickly.

The Democrat presidential candidate keeps saying he’d follow the science but that is what Donald Trump has done.

He lied and said President Trump told people to inject bleach, which has been roundly debunked:

He agreed to take questions from his predetermined list:

He’s lying here, Dr. Redfield said there is zero pressure:

The following is an evasive answer and an irrelevant response. Biden said for months he would not have a mask mandate or a travel mandate.  The President just wanted to respond to his opinion on the matter.

Biden is using a strawman argument, a logical fallacy.

President Trump explained that he does have a plan, including one for a distribution:

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