Bill Barr Explains the Remedy for a Two-Tier Justice System


If Americans believe the U.S. Department of Justice is creating a two-tier justice system in the United States, “the proper remedy is to vote people out of office, including the president,” said former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.

People looked to Bill Barr as the remedy.

He made the comments to The Federalist in Chicago, Ill. After giving a speech about public school indoctrination of children against their families’ religious beliefs.

Asked what he did as U.S. attorney general to remedy the politicized use of the U.S. Department of Justice, Barr responded he had pressure from both the left and right to weaponize that department for political ends, and “the response to that isn’t tit-for-tat, the way out of this is to ensure one standard is used for everybody.” Barr said Donald Trump supporters expressed unhappiness that he didn’t move faster to bring Democrats to trial such as in the Russia collusion hoax, but “I wasn’t willing to do that without substantial proof that the law had been breached.”

During his speech, Barr noted he rarely read or watched corporate media while serving as U.S. attorney general because allowing himself to be influenced by their pressure “would prevent me from making the decisions that I felt to be right.”

“That’s what I tried to do — use one standard equally for both sides,” Barr said.

It’s how the system works:

When reminded that means at least another two years of watching the U.S. Justice Department under Biden use its powers to prosecute Americans based on their political beliefs instead of the law, Barr nodded and replied, “That’s how the system works.”

Another check on the unequal administration of justice is the courts, Barr said, whose responsibility is to reject cases that are brought on political rather than legal grounds.

Okay. But we have some questions. He did refuse to investigate voter fraud, never interviewing a single witness. Some people coming forward admittedly hurt the case with unsubstantiated complaints, but not all. He suppressed probes. Why did he tell one of his US Attorneys not to investigate? He knew that mail-in balloting had tremendous potential for fraud – he admitted it.

Why does he continually bash Donald Trump and why did he help Joe Biden? Barr helped write Biden’s executive orders before Donald Trump even left, according to Peter Navarro. He more than helped the J6 committee and used them as a sounding board to vilify Donald Trump.

He kept the secret of Hunter Biden’s laptop and only recently said Biden lied about it.

His comments give us some good insights into the man and his reasoning. Tell us what you think.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Barr is on the lecture/interview circuit in a futile attempt to fix his image and make money. He will never allow a contentious interview. His words can easily be analyzed to expose his deceptions. Firstly, he uses a typical issue, such as public school indoctrination, to trick attendees with his “I am a good guy” farce, sayings things we all already know, things he never did anything about. Since he feels so strongly about the issue, he could have found grounds to file a suit.

On the Russian collusion hoax he uses sophistry to justify himself, instead of details. With details, he will lose every time. He threw out rock solid criminal referrals against McCabe and Comey, their lies and illegal leaks were admitted. His own DOJ verified the referrals and recommended indictments. Since one of the referrals came from a democrat US attorney in DC, that negates his idea of pressure from the other side. Her alone decided to not indict. There were also many other things, such as, warrant requests signed by many officials who stated under oath that they had verified the information was correct under penalty of law. We know from texts and other evidence that they knew the information was not correct. And so on. It was not as the author writes:


One of his deceptions is the idea of 2 sides. There is 1 side to the law. There were numerous indications of major crimes, and he did nothing, but he says that the Biden DOJ abuses are the way the system works.

On voter fraud, he is going to say the same thing, not provide details, and make lofty statements that he avoided pressure and found nothing while making the right decision.

His DOJ planned the January 6th false flag event.

Come on author, what insights or reasonings did Barr offer? All he gave were some gratuitous statements which he has been doing for 3 years. Those may be reasonings or insights for Faux News gossip shows, but not here.

Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
1 month ago

What I think?

I think, MILLIONS of Americans HOPED, we PRAYED Bill Barr would actually and at Long Last be a GENUINE AG, instead, we had it stuck to us AGAIN. Barr was just another in a Long Line of DC Elitist, Cesspool Attorneys General.

The great depth to which Obama perverted the entire DOJ, a topic for another day. Obama’s real legacy was Fully Infesting EVERY federal agency with Deep State Operatives.

At the end of the day, pitifully, Bill Barr took his place as AG for one reason only .. to put the brakes on, to slow walk, to DELAY DELAY DELAY EVERTHING until the DNC, the Deep State, some eGOP Traitors along with the INDISPENSABLE HELP from China, until they were set and ready to go to OVERTHROW OUR GOVERNMENT.

Nov 3 2020 was NOT an election. The sheer amount of fraud along with the absolute, ESSENTIAL help of foreign nations, primarily China, moved 2020 from a case of voter fraud to out and out treason.

“Hindsight 20:20,” Matt Whittaker was the closest this country came to having an actual AG in decades. He should have been allowed to remain there.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 month ago

“the proper remedy is to vote people out of office, including the president,” said former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.
We didn’t VOTE Puppet Slow Joe Biden into office, the election was stolen. But YOU, Bill Barr, despite sworn testimony and video evidence, saw no indication of election fraud so refused to investigate. And now you’re telling us to vote them out of office. You are a pathetic jerk!

Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
1 month ago
Reply to  Tim Kuehl

“From 2009-2018, Dominion paid Barr $1.2 Million in cash and granted him another $1.1 Million in stock awards, according to SEC filings. (No wonder Barr can’t find any voter fraud!) How Attorney General Bill Barr built a $40 Million fortune”

Clears it up, does it not?

1 month ago

Bill Barr is a fool, a liar, a simpleton and understands nothing. is is completely in error when he says that he must treat everyone the same way, for this is a complete fabricated lie against JESUS HIMSELF, and what JESUS says. JESUS DOES NOT TREAT EVERYONE THE SAME Way, for everyone is different and does different things, whether they be evil things or good things. When someone does evil JESUS Repays them with evil. BARR’S responsibility was to do Justce, both to the guilty to bring them their just punishment, and to do Justice for the Innocent who did no wrong; Barr is a son of the devil, who loves lies and is the father of lies, and Barr only does unjust things to reward the guilty and to punish the innocent

1 month ago
Reply to  Larry

Bill Bar is a son of Satan, a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing, Bar is not a son of GOD