Boy and Girl Bathrooms in Florida Schools Is Now the Anomaly


The Florida Board of Education unanimously ordered all bathrooms labeled by biological gender. This is the headline at the NY Post: Florida schools ordered to provide bathrooms separated by biological sex. This shouldn’t be the anomaly. That’s how far we’ve sunk Time to pull the ripcord.

There are two genders.

Isn’t it sad that has to be a headline

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We expect the lunatic Wokes in the administration will sue over this.

According to the NY Post: The Florida Board of Education unanimously passed new rules requiring all public and charter schools to provide bathrooms and locker rooms separated by biological sex after a divided public hearing Wednesday.

Some parents think it stigmatizes transgenders. The other way around is crazyville.

The poorest schools inn Kenya have boys and girls bathrooms.

The new bathroom regulations also mandate schools notify parents if they offer bathrooms and locker rooms that are not sorted by biological sex and outline their supervision procedures for them.

“What this rule does is make sure that if a school implements a policy or procedure for specific designations for locker rooms or bathrooms or dressing rooms that parents have a right to know,” said Florida Interim Education Commissioner Jacob Oliva.

“And that we are transparent about the procedures that are happening in our schools.”

If adults want to do this, go at it, but don’t tell the rest of use we have to live the fantasy or our children do.


Gov. De Santis will also not mandate COVID vaccines in the childhood regimen. Many red states, perhaps all, will NOT. Sanity reins in the Red.

Gov. De Santis wants parents in charge. Some children have had heart attacks, heart damage, Bell’s Palsy, clotting, and the virus does not kill children in any statistical way. If parents have sick children, they will likely get the children vaccinated but it must be left up to parents.

Gov. De Santis will also suspend property tax deadlines for homes and businesses destroyed or uninhabitable due to Hurricane Ian.

“Those who lost so much shouldn’t have to worry about the taxman,” he said.

Get the males out of little girls bathrooms, now!

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