Dr. Malone: CDC Childhood Cov Vaccine Vote, “This is Corruption”!


The ACIP panel voted unanimously yesterday 15-0 for the CDC to recommend that children get the COVID-19 “vaccines and boosters.” This is despite overwhelming opposition from parents on the comment section of the CDC announcement. “This is corruption,” as Dr. Malone says.

The actual vote to add this experimental COVID-19 mRNA injection to the childhood vaccination schedule is today.

You should know this is an effort to circumvent Congress since they won’t fund more jabs. With childhood jabs, Congress does not have a say. Also, if the EUA vanishes, the liability of the companies continues under the childhood scheducle.

Dr. Robert Malone responds, “This is corruption.” He didn’t think ACIP would go there, but they did and they did it unanimously.

“I don’t believe it has ever been done before,” Dr. Malone said

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It is almost certain that the COVID shots will be added to the ‘Childhood Vaccines Schedule’ today. All public schools that use this schedule will be able to mandate the vaccines for children to attend public school. They always do exactly that.

This is being done under the radar and received almost no media attention. The vote was kept secret. Alternative media figured it out.

The CDC very recently opened up its scheduled vote for public comment and received thousands of negative comments. You can read comments here. Please feel free to add your own comments.

Dr. Malone reports:

“ACIP’s decision to add the COVID-19 shots is based on regulatory capture, budgetary issues, politics, and it is not based on scientific data. “

“We all know the adverse event profile. It is horrific. The small sample size in the clinical trials were poorly designed and inadequately powered.”

“We all know other countries have completely stopped vaccinating children with these products.”

“If they add these jabs to the childhood schedule tomorrow, it will completely break the trust of the American family in the CDC, as it should.”

“I am shocked by the malfeasance. I have no trust left at all in our public health. It is broken.”

Orwell could have written a new book about CDC corruption. They bill themselves as supporting, “safer, healthier people,” and that’s as Orwellian as it gets.

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