Brilliant tweet of the week


There is no truer tweet than the one below. By now, you have all heard that there are large peaceful protest marches throughout all of Cuba. The Cuban government is organizing a military response.

What makes it different from our current administration’s actions? The ‘insurrection’ of January 6th was not an insurrection. It was a riot and a mostly peaceful rally with enormous numbers in attendance.

The Biden administration is arresting anyone on the steps or in the Capitol building even though the police let many of them into the building.

They are being deprived of their due process rights and deliberately bankrupted.

The Buffalo Horn guy did nothing wrong except trespass at most, although the police allowed him to go through the building. But Mr. Chansley, who is autistic, is the face of the “insurrection” so, for political reasons, they will not free him.

Many of the rioters and trespassers are still in one of the worst DC prisons with hardened criminals. They are in solitary, allowed out for two hours a day. The biased judges keep them in prison, describing them as ‘dangerous’ with little to no evidence. Meanwhile, charges against violent communists — Antifa and Black Lives Matter — are routinely dropped.

Thus, this is the tweet of the week:

Read more about what is happening to these Americans with the Garland-Biden DoJ, a weaponized and politicized agency.

Donald Trump addressed it on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox program:

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