CCP has a new virus but it’s OK! They say it’s not contagious!


China says that they may have confirmed the first case of H10N3 bird flu in humans. But it’s no problem! The CCP assures us the transmission rate is low.

And we should totally believe them.

“A man in eastern China has contracted what might be the world’s first human case of the H10N3 strain of bird flu, but the risk of large-scale spread is low,” the AP reported, uncritically citing the CCP.

“The 41-year-old man in Jiangsu province, northwest of Shanghai, was hospitalized April 28 and is in stable condition, the National Health Commission said on its website,” the report continued, adding, “No human case of H10N3 has been reported elsewhere.”

“This infection is an accidental cross-species transmission,” its statement said. “The risk of large-scale transmission is low.”


The Associated Press made no further comment. They must have forgotten that they admitted the CCP lied about COV-19.

They told us the WHO lied too, protecting the CCP, telling the world it wasn’t contagious while knowing it was.

AND, the CCP continues to lie:

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