Creepy Joe left the Tulsa stage to whisper about ice cream to two little girls


During his speech today in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday, President Joe Biden reverted back to our creepy uncle. He left the podium during the speech to walk up to two little girls.

“And I got to make one check here,” Biden said as he approached girls about five years of age.

He stooped down very low and started whispering to the little girls.

“I just had to make sure the two girls got ice cream when this is over,” Biden said when he got back to the podium.

Okay, then.


Last week, he was creepy with another little girl. Creepy Joe loved her barrettes and thought she looked like she was 19 with her legs crossed. At least he didn’t sniff her hair. Still, the best videos are his Corn Pop and AIDS videos.

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