Chelsea Handler thinks it’s ‘pathetic’ that Derek Chauvin gets a trial


It’s frightful that people who are so ignorant should have so much influence.

~ George Orwell

Despotic ‘comedian’ Chelsea Handler has a new unAmerican idea. She thinks it’s pathetic to have a trial for Derek Chauvin when there is a video of him killing George Floyd. Handler forgets that there are extenuating conditions present and every American deserves due process and a trial.

Everyone should want the truth told. It’s pathetic that Chelsea Handler has a megaphone.

Al Sharpton wants what Handler wants. If he could take Mr. Chauvin out and hang him from the nearest tree, he would do it.

Chauvin’s family, Rev Al, and various hard-Left groups have been protesting outside the courtroom non-stop. Mr. Floyd’s brothers give regular interviews demanding a guilty verdict. They clearly want to influence the outcome of the trial. If the judge was fair, he would have at least moved the trial out of Minneapolis.


Democrats rage against due process when it involves their targets, and the police are their targets.

They don’t really want justice in this case. They want a kangaroo court and hope to threaten the jury into a guilty verdict no matter what the jurors believe. This trial won’t end well for anyone. If former officer Chauvin is found not guilty, the Left Left will burn the city down.

Mr. Floyd didn’t deserve to die the way he did and that is sad. No one deserves that. But people who are convicting Mr. Chauvin on TV and in the newspapers are denying him due process.

That’s unAmerican.

Handler has a habit of sounding tyrannical and represents Hollywood well. She is poorly educated or stupid. She has bragged about verbally assaulting Trump supporters, has supported anti-Semitic, anti-white Farrakhan, and thinks Kim Jong Un would be a better U.S. president than Donald Trump. Handler has called for the criminalization and regulation of speech she disagrees with but is oblivious to the repercussions.

These celebrities have tremendous power to influence future leaders with their authoritarianism. That’s sad too.

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