Chris Wallace’s interview gets nasty over a new Fox Poll & an elephant


Chris Wallace is still trying to take down President Trump. His name trended on Twitter for two days over an interview aired in part earlier this week and in full today. The interview by Wallace was nothing more than an hour-long attack.

We covered President Trump’s Al Sharpton comment during the interview on this link. And we reported on the segment where Chris Wallace thinks Biden saying he would take money from the police and send it elsewhere is not the same as defunding.

It was very contentious, and that was Wallace’s fault. His questions were aimed at embarrassing President Trump.

The left loves Chris Wallace for it. He is the hero of the moment.


The segment in the first video was painful, but not because Wallace said they ask people to identify an elephant in the psychological test he “aced.” It’s because Wallace showed himself to be an activist Trump-hater, not a journalist, like most of the media.

By the way, do we know that Joe Biden could identify an elephant? That’s not a given.


Wallace made sure he put President Trump on the spot by giving him a first look at the new Fox poll showing him losing to the senile Joe Biden. All Wallace wanted to do was make Trump look foolish.

Here’s the nasty intro where Wallace sets the President up by suggesting he will be happy with the poll and then basically says he’s getting slaughtered:

Those Fox polls are the worst. They’re inaccurate.


There was a back-and-forth over which country has the best mortality numbers. They were each using different charts.

Trump was also asked if he’d accept the results of the election and he said, “I have to see.” That’s what he said in 2016 and it was Hillary and all the Democrats who wouldn’t and still don’t accept the results of the election. These people are nuts.

In the end, President Trump called Chris Wallace “fake news” and he is. That’s why he shouldn’t let Wallace interview him.

Whoever decided to set up this interview needs to rethink the strategy. Wallace is a hostile and Trump has leveled some harsh criticisms Wallace’s way. He should have expected an interview like this one.

What Mark Simone says:

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