Clarence Thomas is trending as Leftist mob tries to destroy him and his wife


Clarence Thomas is trending on Twitter. The cancel culture Left wants to get rid of him and his wife. It seems his wife, Ginni Thomas, endorsed the protest before the riot, calling for debate and a delay in the certification process to allow an investigation into voter integrity. No one in the courts would look at the evidence and the DoJ has not come forward with the results of their investigation. People don’t trust the DoJ. They dragged out the probe of the coup for years, but they sure rounded up the rioters quickly and they’re talking about it.

Some of the claims of voter fraud were debunked, but not the overwhelming number.

If you’ll notice, we don’t talk about voter integrity any longer. We just talk bout the rally at the Capitol during which some lunatics rioted.

Ginni Thomas obviously didn’t support rioting. The hate mob of the Left doesn’t care. They want her and their favorite pinata, Justice Clarence Thomas, gone.

Ginni Thomas praised the rally-goers as they walked to the Capitol, said she loved Magas, and added, “God bless each of you standing up or praying.”

For that she and her husband are being pilloried.

Author Greg Olear wrote on Twitter: There is no reality in which it is appropriate for the wife of a Supreme Court Justice, already a rightwing PAC political player, to endorse sedition [She endorsed sedition? That is quite a leap.].

Here is Justice Ginsberg trashing Trump, saying she might move to New Zealand if he wins:

Scientist Zornio called her a fascist and said she must fall, along with her husband:

When two officers were shot during riots in September, Kamala Harris said the riots were “essential.” When an armed Jacob Blake tried to kidnap his child by the woman he raped and beat, the officer shot him seven times to stop him. Kamala told Blake how proud she was of him. Michelle Obama was “devasted” that he was shot.

Kamala also encouraged people to fundraise for the Antifa and BLM commies to get them out of prison.

We could go on for hours with examples, but we’l spare you.

And there’s this:

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