CNN Weird Guy Jeffrey Toobin Suggests Kamala for SCOTUS


Perv and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin suggested some names to take Justice Breyer’s place should he retire. Democrats are trying to push Justice Breyer out partly because of his age and perhaps they want someone even further left than he is. Justice Breyer is opposed to expanding the Court which infuriates progressives.

Toobin suggested Jackson and Kruger, two judicial activists, who are so political left that radical group Demand Justice has them on their list of suggested Supreme Court nominees.

Kruger was one of Eric Holder’s radical lawyers in the DoJ. The media lies about her and calls her a “mild Democrat.”

Jackson writes orders to benefit Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi. She is a progressive Obama judge.

Toobin also suggested Kamala Harris. As Mollie Hemingway says at The Federalist, that is a silly suggestion.

Kamala wouldn’t get through the 50-50 Senate, but, more importantly, she holds the 51st vote in the Senate. Democrats can’t give that up.

This issue came up in November of last year because rumor had it that the White House wanted her gone.

Nevertheless, don’t worry, Kamala won’t be on the Supremes, but let’s hope Breyer, as bad as he is, hangs on. Biden will appoint a judicial activist communist if given the chance.

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