Communista Biden plans to control housing appraisals


The Biden administration said Tuesday it will “root out” discrimination in home appraisals and increase the share of federal contracts going to minority-owned businesses by 50% by 2026, or an additional $100 billion, The Washington Times reports.

This is clearly racist and pandering for votes. he’s doing it in honor of a white mob in Tulsa who killed 300 blacks who lived in the area ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

President Biden will travel to Tulsa on Monday and deliver remarks at the Greenwood Cultural Center.

A White House fact sheet on efforts to narrow the racial wealth gap said federal action is needed “because disparities in wealth compound like an interest rate,” and “the disinvestment in Black families in Tulsa and across the country throughout our history is still felt sharply today.”

The president directed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge hunt down any unfair appraisals. The administration cited a Brookings Institution study that found homes in majority-Black communities are often valued at tens of thousands of dollars less than comparable homes in similar, majority-White communities. The only systemic problem is the crime in black neighborhoods.

Black communities are more dangerous. If blacks make up 13% of the population they should only be committing 13% of the crimes, instead, they are committing crimes almost three times as many crimes as they should be. Poor parenting, no fathers in the homes are the cause and local gangs are the causes. That’s the reason black homes in black neighborhoods are not appraised as high. They won’t sell for as much as a home will in a white neighborhood.

“The impact of these disparities in home appraisals can be sweeping, limiting homeowners’ ability to properly benefit from refinancing or re-selling their homes at higher valuations and thereby contributing to the already-sprawling racial wealth gap,” the White House said.

The administration also said agencies will be directed to use every tool available to them to decrease barriers to minority entrepreneurs and firms, or “small disadvantaged businesses,” who compete for federal contracts.

This is more control over our lives. Controlling housing appraisals smacks of Chavez-Maduro-style controls.

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2 years ago

This kind of thing is clearly beyond the scope of the Federal Government. We need to get back to the powers enumerated in the Constitution and strictly limit the Federal Government to those powers.

Sonny and the Dispositions
Sonny and the Dispositions
2 years ago

Central planning über alles? So obsolete.
Noticing some vacant plots around in between houses and wondering how long those will last.
Ground breaking still going as they expand West, every side of town is developed to the maximum.
At least it took 50 years to destroy those other sides of town.
Housing shortages nationally as the CA model goes coast to coast.

Enemedia breaking-racist, racism, race, interracial, Wakanda, reparations, bigot, burn it all down.