Could this be why Dems pushed for voting machines they said were easily hacked?


Just suppose, and this is only conjecture, but just suppose the Democrat fear of voting machines in 2018 suddenly struck them as a means of winning in 2020?

Did this hearing (below) give the Democrats all the intel they needed to snap victory from the jaws of defeat?

In the Spring of 2020, the Democratic bench was real shallow with Ole Joe the only viable candidate and even dementia Joe wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance going up against Trump.

Now what, we just can’t have Trump!

Does anyone remember that hearing we had back in 2018 on how easy it is to hack the voting machines because the only way we are going to remove the Orange Man from office is to cheat?

So they dusted off the 2018 report, used it as their playbook and the rest is history.



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2 years ago

Interesting theory but it is far more likely the ChiComs, who are infinitely more intelligent and clever than their agents on the Commiecrat party, developed, tested and implemented this electoral coup. This is not a theft of an election; it is the most seious and material case of treason in the history of the world. Those responsible for this treason must be exposed, indicted and executed. Added to this TREASON are the traitors like Mike Pence and Romney, Kemp, Doucey and other RINOS who allowed this to occur.

Very Vanilla Amaretto
Very Vanilla Amaretto
2 years ago

Burn it all down by any means necessary.
A Final Solution to the deplorable kulak untermenschem scum question.
Forward! Yes we can.
Western Civilization has been tried for thousands of years and now it is time for the New Man faculty lounge abomination of desolation.

2 years ago

I’m pretty sure the only way Democrats have won elections since WWII has been by trickery, vote buying, ballot stuffing, and ballot harvesting. President Trump was going after the Democrat Party. His Presidency was going to be so successful that the Communist Democrats would have become a minor third party. Democrats had to steal the 2020 election to survive for one more fight. Now they are trying to criminalize being a Patriotic American to disenfranchise them for 2022. Democrats are dangerous and everyone needs to understand that they are now raging a scorched earth policy to rob America of everything they can before they are thrown out of office. America needs to start thinking about how they will repair the damage Democrats are causing. We will need to go after Every Business who put Globalism ahead of Patriotism. I don’t mean just going after the business. We need to go after the Board of Directors and Management; and their ill gotten wealth due to Government sweat heart deals, corruption, and just plan treason. Working for a Foreign Country’s benefit over America’s benefit is treasonous un-American conduct.