DNC fact check! The ‘they’re animals’ lie is back


DNC video falsely suggests President Trump called innocent people ‘animals’

The Democratic National Convention on Wednesday played a montage of clips of President Trump. It ended up becoming lies by video. They made it appear as if President Trump was calling asylum seekers and children “animals.”

The video showed children held in immigration detention centers as a young girl featured at the DNC*, in a voiceover, said: “Some of those kids are orphans because of you,” referring to President Trump. The video proceeded to show three clips of the president saying: “These aren’t people,” “I don’t want them in our country,” and “They’re animals.”

“They’re animals” — when the President used the phrase — referred to MS-13 and similar gangs. Felons and gangs, however, are a Democrat voting bloc so they are protective of them. Dems free them from prisons, are lax in punishing them, want to abolish private prisons, defund [take away funds] the police, abolish ICE, open borders, establish sanctuaries that include illegal alien criminals, and egg on the ones who riot against Trump.

The lie:

The “I don’t want them in our country,” was also used in reference to the caravans of anonymous people.

Joe Biden also lied about the Charlottesville quote by President Trump – again. President Trump didn’t call Nazis or KKK good people but Joe repeated that lie in his DNC speech and when he launched his campaign, and at other times. That is even after CNN said it wasn’t true.

*About the young girl featured at the DNC. She gave a moving speech by her mother who was deported by President Trump. However, she was first deported by President Clinton and was targeted for deportation by Obama-Biden.

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3 years ago

One can most assuredly trust the members of the Democrat Party and all of its so-called “leaders”…to LIE any and every time an opportunity arises.