TX Lt. Gov: Illegal alien thugs are ‘existential threats,’ will join gangs like MS-13


Texas Republican Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick told Laura Ingraham that the real threat to America is the “thugs” joining violent gangs like MS-13. He is right about that. Did you know we have thousands of members of the cannibal cartel alone living in the United States?

“Can you imagine, Laura, that we would be at a point in time in our history where the president of the United States is allowing thugs, criminals, felons, rapists, child molesters, you name it without much opposition, cross our borders,” Patrick began.

“We apprehended 28,000 people just in Texas. Remember, we are about two-thirds of the border. That is just in Texas. Of those, people from all over the world, 100 — almost 150 came from Romania. How did they get here? This nonsense of, we are just letting unaccompanied children in, it is setting a record more than we ever had in mind we took close to 20,001 a week,” he continued.

“But this idea that adult males, 21 and over, are coming across that they are being turned back to, it is a lie. It is absolutely a lie. It is not just invasions or post-invasion of people that are going to impact our emergency rooms and our economy across the border. It is not just the fact that this is humane, the many women and young girls or men who are enslaved and have to send part of their wages back to the cartel.

“The threat of thugs joining gangs. MS-13, just like the — they are loading up their gains in increasing numbers,” he added.

Ingraham concluded: “Dan, I know it is a horrible humanitarian issue…”


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