Dr. Jensen speaks out on targeted investigation by anonymous complainants


State Senator/Dr. Scott Jensen speaks out in the video below about being investigated by the Minnesota Medical Practice Board. The claim is he spread misinformation about the coronavirus, including the recording of COVID deaths.

Dr. Jensen appears to have extensive evidence that the COVID deaths were recorded incorrectly as he claimed. He is also accused of saying incorrectly that COV can be compared to a bad influenza season.

Opinions not allowed?

The probe is the result of a couple of people complaining. Dr. Jensen doesn’t get to know who they are. He can’t confront the accusers or know their agenda.

He said he is being targeted and if it happened to him, it could happen to anyone.


Dr. Jensen, a Republican State Senator was on The Ingraham Angle in May and said the CDC is nothing but a political organization. That’s a lot of enemies he made right there.

Dr. Birx herself allegedly complained recently that the CDC numbers could be inflated by 25%. She allegedly said, “There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,”  according to the Washington Post.


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